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Sony 4k smart TV 43 inches for private sale with good functions and beautiful colors
4K sony TV 1700 and 49-inch 4k smart TV 2100
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43 and 49 inch TV
Private sale 90% new clean 4s Whirlpool steam oven cs2320 32 liters front air outlet large capacity
Private sale, direct inspection, direct test, there are three shelves inside, certificate is absolutely new and only used for simple reheating.
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Whirlpool 4s steam oven
Yau Tsim Mong
Private sale three-door refrigerator Hitachi brand bottom ice compartment space large first-class energy automatic ice making
Private sale. Plug in and use. You can view it directly. You can replace it with gogovan.
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Refrigerator three doors for p
Yau Tsim Mong
Private sale ultra-thin washing machine and dryer two-in-one built-in drying function for fast laundry, energy saving and space saving
For private sale of commonly used baby towels, you can bring them to gogovan.
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Washing Machine
Ultra-thin washer and dryer
Yau Tsim Mong
Ready-stock cartons and packaging materials (10% off for each retail order of HK$600)
Cartons and packaging materials in stock WhatsApp 6367-1839 Faster Enjoy 10% off for every retail order of HK$6 or more Small moving box 46*33*28CM HK$8/@ Medium moving box 54*36*41CM HK$11 /@ Large moving box 61*48*48CM HK$17/@ The first choice for immigration packaging cartons: Extra strong double pit E2 carton: 56*43*44CM (HK$19/@) Extra strong double pit E4 carton: 50*37*37CM (HK$14/@) Extra strong double-pit EJ carton: 61*61*66CM (HK$39/@) Household/container moisture-proof beads (250g per pack) - HK$40/5 pack/ 300g (2g per small package) - HK10/pack Strong adhesive large roll of adhesive paper: 5 rolls come with 1 adhesive tape machine/2-1/2"*100 yards/HK$50/set envelope Bag: 16*20CM / HK$10/10 pieces Bubble envelope bag: 25*30CM / HK$15/10 pieces Packing film: 45CM*300M / HK$40/@ After deposit, you can arrange to send it to SF Express (freight collect) ) or arrange for gogovan (ground delivery/freight collect) You can shop online at You can Whatsapp 6367-1839 to place an order Call 2793-3984 for inquiries One-stop same-day delivery can be arranged
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Moving house immigration (cart
Brand New
Kwun Tong
Private refrigerator for sale WF2T161
Fine refrigerator with two doors 139CM high : Nearly 90% new 100% normal : WF2T161 : 49CM wide X 58CM deep X 139CM high
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Fine refrigerator
HK Island
Single piece of furniture, bed, wardrobe, sofa, washing machine and refrigerator, large and small packages are also available, the most flat in the city
Single piece of furniture, bed, wardrobe, sofa, washing machine and refrigerator, large and small can also be used, the cheapest in the city, neighborhood prices, honest style) Free door-to-door inspection and quotation Undertake large and small removals, professional furniture removals , homes, shopping malls, factory buildings, demolished houses, ceilings, signboards, and unauthorized building restoration (also providing moving, office building and factory building services) Legal disposal of old furniture and garbage indoor relocation, and home or shop clearance, Renovation and restoration of owner's unit services. The company has its own 3,000-square-foot storage warehouse, providing long-term and short-term rentals. #RemoveFurniture, #dropout# legal disposal
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Clean Demo 24 hours
Actual Star 24 hours transportation
Actual Star 24-hour moving company Actual Star Transport.CO registration, confidence Star 24-hour moving company, professional house moving service, with more than 10 years of moving experience, company has a variety of professional moving vehicles, We have a well-trained handling team, have undergone strict professional training and are proficient in the skills of packaging, assembly, disassembly and handling of items, to satisfy you. Service scope: Long or short distance house moving, single piece of furniture, Factory moving, office building moving, airport or dock warehouse pickup, professional and reliable Special services: Indoor relocation or disposal of old items, old furniture and clearance, Renovation and restoration of the owner's unit service Free door-to-door inspection and quotation (large and small Kota, single piece of furniture, washing machine and refrigerator are also available, the flattest in the city, neighborhood prices and honest style) Our company has its own 3000 square feet of storage Warehouse, providing long-term and short-term rental 24hr service direct line 666 111 84 Shengzi
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Actual star moves 24 hours a d
luggage,Camping ,bags, wallets, fish buckets, models, handbags, Coca-Cola cups, Fu Lu Shou,
1. Camping and picnic supplies $230 2. Versace leather briefcase suitcase (19x13 inches) $1100 3. Brand new Meyer cooking stove $250 4. A pair of brand new 21-inch corner biological gourds (currently $150) 5. Brand new Disney plush doll $60-$150 6. Brand new Fu Lu Shou (8 inches tall) $380 7. Brand new Coca-Cola cup $30 8. Fish bucket $80 9. Brand new white leather handbag (11x6 inches) $130 chat Genuine leather handbag (11x8 inches) $290 11. Brand new 12 inch suitcase $100 12. Brand new sun protection cap $60 13. Brand new mini army model $120 14. Brand new sega 7 inch model Sega $200 15. Brand new silver bag from Japan $100
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Electrical Appliance
luggage handbag bread maker
3-in-1 Game Table Pool
3-in-1 Game Table Pool L120cm x W62cm x H83cm Snooker , Football , Table Tennis Pick up in Kam Tin, Yuen Long Please contact 92385777.
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Game Table Pool
HITACHI 3 doors Refrigerator
HITACHI 3 doors Refrigerator R-S31SVH W54cm x D62cm x H173cm W21’’ x D24’’ x H68’’ Frozen Food Volume 42L Fresh food volume 209L Energy Label Grade 1 It is in great working condition but some scratches and dents on surfaces from regular use. Pick up in Kam Tin , Yuen Long Please contact 92385777
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3 doors Refrigerator
GREE 1 HP Split Type Air Conditioner
GREE 1 HP Split Type Air Conditioner BGS-09C-V1-IN Pick up in Kam Tin, Yuen Long Please contact 92385777.
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1 HP Air Conditioner
90% new Mini Washing Machine
90% new Mini Washing Machine XQB60-1165 W38cm x D39cm x H71cm W16.5”x D15.5”x H28” Washing capacity 3kg Low drainage Pick up in Kam Tin, Yuen Long Please call or whatsap 92385777.
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Washing Machine
90% new Mini Washer
Whirlpool Washing Machine
Whirlpool Washing Machine VAW558P W18.5” x D21‘’ x H35’’ W50cm x D53cm x H89cm Washing capacity 5.5kg 850 rpm Energy label grade 1 High drainage Pick up in Kam Tin, Yuen Long Please contact 92385777
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Washing Machine
Whirlpool Washing Machine
Panasonic Washing Machine
Panasonic Washing Machine NA-F70G6 W51cm x D56cm x H92cm W20” x D22” x H36” Washing capacity 7kg 740 rpm Energy label grade 1 Grade 1 Water Efficiency Label Low drainage Pick up in Kam Tin, Yuen Long Please contact 92385777.
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Washing Machine
7kg Washing Machine
Panasonic ...